Wild weather


I shivered in bed to the sound of the wind whistling, and then, a deep boom of thunder. I got up and wandered through to the kitchen at 8:40, having to put lights on as I went. Eerily dark. The sky was menacing and as I looked over at the patch of grassland between us and the luxury flats, dense, fine rain was blown aggressively into the grassland and across it in large swathes that produced visual ripples in the air. It obscured visibility so much that I seemed to be looking from a wild outpost somewhere much more rural. Once that was over and done with, as if it had said enough, the wind calmed a bit and snow started to fall. The sky lightened from lead to marble, with even a rare streak of blue. Snow is falling intermittently, as if it hasn’t really the energy.

I am glad I have a good excuse not to cycle.


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