A break


I went up to my parents’ on Sunday intending to stay one night and catch up with a school friend the next day. I ended up staying three nights. Yesterday morning the weather was nice so I went for a walk around Glen Finglas with my Dad. It was so nice to be in the quiet of nature, with songbirds warbling, geese cackling over the water, sheep bleating… the warmth of the spring sunshine… peaceful. It felt like a little holiday, and all the sweeter for being so unplanned. It’s lovely just to get out of the city now and then. I found it almost disconcerting how dark and quiet it is at night, compared to my city-centre flat.

It seemed to suit me though, because I managed to sleep really long hours. Yesterday and today I tried to reduce it back to normal sleeping hours, and felt uncontrollably drowsy by afternoon. It’s funny how that seems to happen when you actually stop and switch off. I only hope I manage to switch on again soon, as I hardly got any work done this afternoon when I got back home. Not that the pressure is so much on now that I’ve done the work section of the report. I just have to finish the reading for the literature section, and then update the section. Although in a way that is probably harder and takes a more concentrated effort than the work. I will try to take it easy.


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