Boots, clothes, earrings


Incase it wasn’t obvious from my blog so far, I do not do things by halves. This weekend’s obsession of the moment was new clothes/footwear/jewellery.

I guess it started when I went for a wander and saw a pair of boots in a shop window that I instantly fell in love with. They turned out to be discontinued; I tried on a pair that were a size too big, which were borderline OK, but I decided to think about it. I couldn’t find an online shop that had my size in stock either. Then I found a pair on ebay in my size, brown rather than the red that I tried on (which is fine, makes them more practical). I won the bidding this afternoon! Cheaper than the brand-new ones, and in the right size (hopefully). Can’t wait to get them.

Then onto clothes. Yesterday I ordered a few items online from the Afifah range. I can’t see a way to link to the individual items but they have so much nice stuff, at great prices at the moment. I can’t wait for them to be delivered either. I’ve received 3 emails today so they certainly keep you informed! The emails are peppered with Muslim niceties in Arabic – quite an unusual experience for me!

I really like this dress from a Cairo-based online company that tailors all items to order. I’ve bookmarked it to consider. Whether I’d have the courage to wear something so culturally “foreign” I don’t know. It certainly wouldn’t go with the boots. 😉

Then there are the earrings… I’ve been inspired to start wearing earrings again, probably because of noticing that in Algeria all females wear earrings at all times, including 1-year-old niece Sara! This pair are the sort of thing I fancy. I’ve looked around but not decided on a purchase yet.

Finally, I quite fancy some mid-calf-length skirts to go with the boots. But I haven’t gone looking for those yet.


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  1. wow, that onlineshop has really nice stuff… and by the way, the dress.. you can always wear it at.. thats what I do with my dresses. =)

  2. Sarah,

    I love the dress and boots. Sarah, your going to look so cute! I hope all is well with school, I keep wanting to tell you that spring break is not long off, util I remember you don’t have it. Love you!

  3. I’ve considered stuff from Afifah, it’s so darn cute!! Hope you like it! Hey, those earrings look so much like the ones I wear all the time. My husband didn’t like them much, but hey, he can buy me a pair if he wants some he likes. hehehe

  4. Buy the dress. Wear the dress. You will look great in the dress. Do not, however, wear the boots at the same time. You will look like a crazy person and small children will cross to the other side of the street when they see you coming.

    Seriously, though – it’s a great dress. Do it.

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