Cold light


I have been unable to sleep in lately. After a long winter of struggling to get out of bed in the morning, I now seem to be regularly wide awake and compelled to get up by 8am, even at the weekend. Maybe it’s the light.

Today the sunlight poured into the flat, and I felt warm standing in it. Up until recently the sun didn’t get high enough in the sky to peer over the building beside us. I pulled open our old tenement flat’s sash windows to freshen the rooms from winter’s staleness.

Google told me the current temperature was 9 degrees C, but in my wishful thinking I was convinced it must be warmer than that. It wasn’t. There was a bracing wind and only a faint promise of warmth in the sunlight when we went for a walk. Still, the crocuses looked pretty.

After sitting on a bench in the meadow for long enough to be uncomfortable, the sky grew grey and threatening and we headed back. We hadn’t reached home when the hailstones started. This is what it looked like from the window of the flat.

Winter clearly still has some life left in it.


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