Scenes from Malawi


Malawi is an enchanting country. The scenes below are pretty diverse… from swamps to mountains, muddy pine forests that reminded me of Scotland, and beachside backpacker resorts on Lake Malawi. As the seasons changed so did the colours, from vibrant green and brick-red mud in the rains, to pale, scorched shades of yellow in the dry season. For being so densely populated it is remarkably rich in natural beauty. People are everywhere you go, and are generally warm-hearted, courteous, eager to help you, eager to even just talk to a foreigner and find out what you are doing in their country and to bestow good impressions of Malawi onto you. While their readiness to put themselves in a white person’s shadow is an uncomfortable reality of post-colonial Africa, on the occasions where prejudices were broken through I was able to interact with people in what felt like a more genuine way than ever really happens in Britain. I found their laid-back, uncomplicated social style tremendously liberating. That’s how it was supposed to be, I think. After six months there it felt like home on my return from a trip to Zimbabwe.


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  1. Hi. I noticed you started following. Thanks. =) Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors in the fourth one. And the bird in the first one amuses me. =D

  2. Thanks for directing me here. I greatly enjoyed the photos and also reading what you had to say about it. My mom grew up in Africa (first 15 years) so I always enjoy reading about it and hearing what others have to say. It sounds like a really wonderful experience. I'm glad you were able to do that for 7 months! Incredible!

  3. My mom lived in Nigeria mostly. When her brothers went back as adults, they lived in the Ivory Coast. I enjoyed reading about your time there.Oh and no, I've never been to Africa, but I enjoy seeing pictures from there. Thanks for sharing yours.

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