A better day


A good day (well, a better day… everything’s relative). Despite waking up feeling like my head was clamped in a vice, and the itching which still won’t stop.

My fear that someone is intercepting my mail was abated this morning by the arrival of several items I’ve been waiting a long time for, including my prepaid foreign currency cards – these are replacements for the first ones that got lost in the post. What a relief.

I also managed to order business cards thanks to a suggestion from my brother yesterday, which was an idea I’d given up on because it seemed too complicated to get it done by the university.

And now, I’ve created my talk in PowerPoint. It is 9 slides long (plus a concluding slide I’ve yet to do); once I’ve practised it I will be able to tell whether to add more. I have more in mind, so that’s good. I’ve done a nice little animation which I am quite pleased with. HUGE relief since I had a total blank yesterday while trying to plan it out.

I am still in mental torture, wrestling with my will, struggling even to sit still and keep my mind on the work. But I am somehow making progress. I wonder if I will always feel this way about things that are this hard. It can’t be psychologically healthy. My friend suggested hypnotherapy yesterday. I think it sounds like a great idea, one that I will look into.


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  1. I get very itchy when I’m stressed as well. Don’t know why – its a very recent development in my life.
    I find a cool shower, amply moisturiser and an anti-hystemine usually helps.

    Putting “itch” into google is the way down though – I’ve been there myself: best to go see a GP if it’s constant and its causing worry. Otherwise you are just feeding fear and giving yourself more to stress about.

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