I dipped my hand in the Pacific ocean…


…and here is proof!

Here are a few random comments/observations along with some of my pics. No real point to any of it, just noting down things that interested me.

I concur with my brother that American chocolate tastes like vomit. It had to be tried to be believed! Reese’s pieces are good though.

Religion is really in your face here. There are churches everywhere, which seem mostly to be independent. Even on the radio there are religious advertisements and Christian rock songs interspersed with heavy metal! It’s very strange to me.

The other day I was walking to the conference along this cycle/pedestrian trail and coming the other way was a huge party of cyclists. The funny thing was they were all having conversations as they went along, and so from afar there was the sound of chatter but as they went past I got tiny snippets of conversations, all in the same loud, lilting tone one after the other… it was quite surreal. And amusing.

The other thing was that the day I went on the field trip I had to go quite early in the morning and nearly everyone I passed on the trail said good morning to me. I thought that only happens in small villages. Love it.

On the way to the next conference, we stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant and popped into the supermarket next to it, which had everything in Spanish, and really interesting produce such as bits of cactus (middle shelf, on the left) and dozens of types of dried chillis.


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  1. I loved the picture of your and in the ocean and the produce aisle. These are sincerely good enough for a contest if you ask me. Love you and glad you sound like your feelng good.

  2. Wow cactus. I would love to know what they do with it. I suppose you could make your own moisturiser.

    And gotta agree with you on American chocolate! I don’t even think it contains cocoa – just brown colouring and sugar.

  3. Thanks Cecilia – most people would just think I was strange! 🙂

    Thanks Lisa – I’m honestly surprised anyone liked them. They are just a quirky way to remember stuff I’ve seen around here!

    S – I’d love to know what they do with the cactus too – since it’s with all the vegetables, I guess it’s for eating somehow?!

    I later discovered Ghirardelli’s chocolate which is actually very nice.

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