Monthly Archives: May 2009

Random anecdotes (a short break from paper-writing)


Yesterday morning I lost an earring down the sink. It wasn’t a special one or anything, but I was a bit shocked it happened. The tap was on and it slipped out of my hand, teetering in the plughole for a tantalising moment and then disappearing before I could grab it. This just means I have to go shopping for a new pair of earrings!

Last night I was on my laptop when a tiny spider wandered across the screen. My first thought, bizarrely, was that I’d got a computer virus that was projecting a digital spider at me. I think I spend too much time in the cyber world. I then played around chasing it with the pointer, which interestingly, it seemed to be able to see and was trying to run away from it.

*sigh*… I have more serious things to discuss, as always, but don’t really have the time at the moment. I’m still finding my paper pretty difficult to write, but I’m just pressing on all the same… I don’t really know why it’s so difficult though. Even my Masters dissertation, a much bigger document than this, was much easier to write. Maybe I’m still looking at it as something that has to be perfect. That’s always a motivation-killer for me. My current coping strategies are:

  • chocolate and background music to keep my spirits high (although these are often just pure distractions)
  • always just concentrate on the next little bit; never think of the whole thing in its entirety because this leads to rapid freak-out
  • take a lunch break and write a short blog post

I will now add:

  • pretend it’s a Masters dissertation