I love this advert. It just makes me feel so happy.


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  1. Finally here and SO good to see you Miss Sarah!

    Oh my gosh, I need to pay attention more. This is really, really cute I could watch it all day.

    I love how he went through the library and got a little stuck. But, that slide looks super scary, at least the drop-off did 🙂 Don’t look down 🙂

    What’s BarClaycard, I’m still confused 🙂 Love you lots.

  2. Lisa – It did look scary… but such a fun idea! Barclays is a UK bank, and Barclaycard is one of their credit cards I guess.

    cairo – My favourite parts are the drop-off over the city of Rio, the bit where he hits the slide at the bus stop and the people jump off, and the song.

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