Yesterday morning there was a knock on the door as I was getting out of the shower. I hurried to cover myself and answer it, thinking it might be a parcel delivery. It was the man from the workshop below our flat, informing us that our flat is leaking water through his ceiling. I told the landlady, who sent her husband round to have a look, which he did, said the bath panelling needed to be taken off to investigate, and that he’d be in touch. A bit later a text message from the landlady said that they – her husband and father – would be able to come on Monday. I asked about using the shower and washing machine in the meantime, and she replied just to use them.

Does that strike anyone else as quite bad? That the poor guy downstairs just has to continue to be rained on for a couple of days because she wasn’t willing to call out a plumber?

I’ve only done essentials of laundry, and we are using basins in the bath to collect the shower water and tip it, as well as waste kitchen water, down the toilet. (I’m assuming that goes in a different direction to the rest) Obviously some water is still going down the drain though, and I feel bad at the thought of it going through his ceiling. But it’s not my fault.

As an aside, it’s interesting to note just how much water is actually used in things like washing food (veg, rice, lentils etc), washing and rinsing dishes, and showers. A lot more than I would have thought.


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