Monthly Archives: March 2010

Frozen beauty


A few weekends ago I went up to stay with my parents. We totally talked out the meaning of life… and found time for a walk by the loch, which was still partially frozen!

The stones scattered across the ice have either been skimmed or thrown, and mostly by us. The effects of throwing the stones were quite amusing. They either bounced, making a lovely woody sound that reverberated across the whole ice surface… or they crashed through, making a visible pulse that moved the bubbles back and forth… or they got lodged into the ice without ploughing all the way through!

These guys are a Scottish icon, but I don’t often get face to face with them. Up close he was a beautiful giant, with eyes hidden by that mass of dangling fur, softly munching on grass. I touched his horn, but later wished I hadn’t when I saw another one scratching his arse with his. 🙂