Where I’ve been lately


I went to stay with my friend for a week, who was visiting her family, in a beautiful rural part of Sweden. The weather was unusually hot and the lake was warm enough for swimming. It is always amazing to be out of cities amongst natural scenery; so peaceful.

In the forest around the house there were loads of wild berries. Wild strawberries, which taste quite different from farmed ones; raspberries, blueberries, and redcurrants. I got quite used to enjoying nature’s sweetness everywhere we walked.

A couple of evenings we went to jazz concerts in churches! Both were really, really good. I suppose churches make quite good venues for concerts; it makes sense. In the first one we had to sing two hymns first and listen to a short sermon. Not that I understood a word of it. Except “amen” at the end, at which point I realised there had been a prayer. Was very surreal as an introduction to an intimate jazz session with a sultry vocalist in a short dress. Awesome. 😀

We took the train to Stockholm one day to do some sightseeing there. It’s a lovely city. My friend is thinking of moving there. I’d be tempted to go too.


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