Theory test question


Q. You have been involved in an argument before starting your journey. This has made you feel angry. You should

  • start to drive, but open a window
  • drive slower than normal and turn your radio on
  • have an alcoholic drink to help you relax before driving
  • calm down before you start to drive

This is one of the official DSA questions for the driving theory test, which I’ve been preparing to take tomorrow morning. I think if there are any like this in my test, my biggest worry is going to be laughing out loud too much! 😆 Is it meant to be that funny or is it just me?!

Incase that sounds over-confident, the hazard perception part seems quite hard actually. I can blame the grainy videos, but it seems I am not as paranoid as I should be about hazards. I still think I am the number one hazard on the road anyway. 😛


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  1. What a shame the questions can’t all be as stoopid as this one…then again…we do want you to actually be safe out there on the road. 🙂 Best luck tomorrow sweetie.

  2. Thanks!

    I passed, and managed not to laugh out loud at any point. I guess the pressure of it made me more alert because I got a significantly higher score on the hazards than I was getting in the practice runs!

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