Cool Chinese lantern


My brother got some Chinese lanterns, which were pretty impressive! Here is my video of the first one setting off:

What else happened this weekend: had a terrifying lift from the train station in my brother’s fast new car; went out for a great meal for my mum’s birthday which was rounded off by the most enormous piece of carrot cake I have ever seen; slept really soundly for the first time in weeks; and spent a whole lot of time happily wrapped in a blanket reading a book. 😀

Back in the ‘burgh, I went tango dancing this evening and had a good long catch-up with a friend.

*contented sigh*… I feel so refreshed! Bring on Monday morning. 😀


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  1. Great pictures! And the video was good, too. I loved hearing you laugh! 🙂 Now that sounds like a reallllllly fun weekend. I’m glad you had such a nice time…and slept well, too! Yay!

  2. Wow Sarah – does the heat build up causing it to rise? It’s paper isn’t it? So pretty.

    You had a great weekend and did so much! Nice to hear your voice 🙂 (I imagine it was you)

    • Yeah, it’s paper. I guess it just heats the air inside making it less dense so it rises. We were all surprised just how far up it went! It became a little speck of light that eventually went out, not sure if the flame went out or it was just too far away to see! Very pretty. 🙂

      Yes, my voice was one of the 4 on the video 😀

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