A (very small) break at the beach


One day a couple of weeks ago, when I was struggling to concentrate on work and feeling a little bit low, it suddenly occurred to me that the number 42 bus goes from right by the campus to a beachside “village” (within the city limits) in around 20 minutes, and that it might do me some good to get some wintry sea air into my lungs and take a little break with a change of scene. I don’t know why I never thought of that before. It was such a lovely thing. Taking a couple of hours out in the middle of the day was more than compensated for by the increased productivity it caused… even just in the half hour before I went, I probably achieved more than I had during the rest of the morning.

I recorded the sand blowing across the beach in pretty waves of its own:

Had lunch in the swimming pool cafe where all the other customers were old ladies nattering away in large groups. Sometimes I love just quietly watching people carrying on their daily lives around me.
That salad is quite impressive for Scotland

I thought I would have a good think through what was making me feel so yucky, but all my mind wanted to do was switch off and I let it. A brisk walk across the swirly sand and I felt warm inside and my energy was back.

I may make a habit of this…


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  1. Visiting a natural landscape makes me feel very relaxed, and I concentrate better there in my readings than at the office.

    It’s great that there is a beach so close to you! Enjoy it as much as you can.



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