Lucia Day


… was yesterday, and after attending a talk by Daniel Dennett (which perhaps deserves its own post), I went and saw this lovely procession come in and out at a Swedish bar:

Sorry the video is not the best, but I made it myself! πŸ˜† Here’s a much more professional one that gives a clearer idea of what it’s about:

Maybe it was the blissful mood I was in, but I really loved this singing. I love absorbing myself in beautiful cultural traditions from different places, it just makes me feel like the world is a wide and wonderful place πŸ˜€ It’s all the more special when it’s the culture of someone close to you (I have a close friend who’s Swedish).

Happy Lucia Day! πŸ˜€


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  1. And with that post you earned Google ads in Swedish! Or is it my relocation to the Swedish network that’s doing it? Hard to say. But Lucia ties in so nicely with the discussions we’ve been immersed in lately about light and dark, and the turning of the year. I also love this holiday, even if I’ve never quite acquired a taste for the saffron-flavored breads baked for Luciadagen.

    • I actually didn’t know they put ads on my blog, as I never see them. I hope no-one thinks I’m making money from it!

      Yes, I think it’s lovely having all these pretty candlelights and brightness in the middle of winter. So special! Helle made the saffron buns last year… I really like all the Swedish buns, but especially the cardamom ones!

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