Food glorious food


I’ve been trying a few new things in the last few weeks…

Beetroot rice

Recipe here. I used pre-cooked beetroots and added paneer cheese to the recipe. Spicy and tasty.

Aubergine curry

I often seem to photograph more steam than anything else! This aubergine curry was really good, the pictures at the recipe site do it much more justice. I put chicken in it.

Aubergine curry again

And it was so good I made it again. Without chicken and with an excessive amount of spring onions. I also used 3 green chillies for some insane reason so it nearly blew my head off. It’s just as well no-one else is eating with me! ๐Ÿ˜†

Veg curry with coconut

Looks nothing like the original as I did not even remotely respect quantities. ๐Ÿ˜† Was really good anyway.

Mutton shank with butter beans

I first did this recipe years ago. I got an organic mutton shank at a market and decided to dig the recipe out again. The meat was lovely, even if it seemed to shrink as it cooked!! It is definitely a weekend recipe as it involves a long cooking time. The other thing is baked polenta with feta cheese and rosemary. Yes it looks kinda weird. Presentation is definitely not my forte.


I can’t claim credit for these heart-shaped pancakes – someone else brought them to the Unitarian group I attend once a month as it happened to fall on pancake day. With cream, jam and strawberries. Lovely!

Chicken pasanda

I was very pleased with this recipe. It will be obvious by now that I love curries, but I usually find it hard to make good curries at home. This and the aubergine one gave me great results. I used single cream instead of yogurt, I was too afraid of the yogurt curdling as always seems to happen. Next time I might do half yogurt and half cream.

Spinach and feta borek

Recipe here. The yogurt, olive oil and egg mixture to spread on the pastry sheets was new to me, but the result was very tasty.


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